Blinks CRM

This is not a complete tailored made software. We have put in place all the solutions needed to properly service your customer however we will need input from you to complete the solutions for you. You can contact us to discuss how ur business works so we know how to integrate it with all the necessary solutions that makes up the customer relationship manager.

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Process Of Our Service Delivery

Identify Need & Draft Technology Solution(s) & Infrastructure Needed
Offer and Discuss Sugessted Draft Solution(s) & Infrastructure with you (add or remove anything as need may be)
Design and Develop the Agreed Solution. Then Test and Re- Test with you or your key members
Training you & your staff how to use this technology solution(s) and infrastructure
Deploy the technology solution(s) and going live
MENTORING : We will manage and upgrade our developed sollutions for you, fixing bugs and making it more user and customer friendly